Re: Bug in www-validator?

Aki Tossavainen:
> <h4>
> <UL>
> <li><a href="index.php?page=processacc">Process accounting case</a></li>
> </UL>
> </h4>
> This page is not Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional!

That's coorect.

>    1.Line 24, column 3: document type does not allow element "UL" here;

That's correct.

> missing one of "APPLET", "OBJECT", "MAP", "IFRAME", "BUTTON" start-tag

That's also correct, but misleading.

>        <UL>
>           ^

What the validator tries to tell you with its machine restricted
intelligence is, that ul cannot be direct child of h4.
<H4> is not closed automatically on <UL> like <p> would, because its end tag
is not optional, i.e. if you replaced h4 by p, the validator would mourn
about the closing tag (the one after </ul>) without an opening one.

Christoph Päper

P.S.: Links with "index.php?page=" are ugly as well as not search engine

Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2003 08:14:09 UTC