Re: main::iana_charset_blurb()

* Hans Christian Studt wrote:
>I have managed to get w3c-validator to runon my local system 
>(RedHat 8.0 + Apache 2.0) and I can enter an URI in the local 
>copy og W3C MarkUp Validation Service form.

>[Wed Jan 08 23:46:39 2003] [error] [client] [Wed Jan 
>  8 23:46:39 2003] check: main::iana_charset_blurb() called 
>too early to check prototype at 
>/var/www/html/w3c-validator/check line 348., referer: 

What version of `check` do you use? I have no idea what
iana_charset_blurb is supposed to be. Line 348 in latest `check` is   

  $File->{Charset}->{Use} = $File->{Charset}->{META};

What version of Perl do you use?

Received on Wednesday, 8 January 2003 21:05:23 UTC