re: doc type for Front Page 2002 Index page "fatal error: no doctype specified"


I recently ran the W3c Mark Up Validation Service that said my Index  page 
had a "Fatal Error:  No Doctype specified."

The document type on my Index page says:

<html xmlns: version="urn: schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns: 


I had an analysis completed that said to replace the v (original coding) and 
name it "version"  and o above replace with the name "version."

Can you suggest what the correct document type is supposed to read
at the beginning of my html code on the Index page?

I am using Front Page 2002, as the editing program writing some of the code 

I certainly want to make sure the search engines can find the site and give 
it decent ranking.

Thank you.

Earl Silva
Webmaster Designer
<A HREF=""></A> 

Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2003 09:24:13 UTC