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Is the "Title" Entity Header supported? Panagiotis Christias (Friday, 30 June)

WWW: eMail:11 ian_reid@e-mail.com (Friday, 30 June)

The Web is more than (conventional) distributed objects Paul Burchard (Friday, 30 June)

Interesting New Web Helper Application -- REAL real-time chat Stefan Sharkansky (Thursday, 29 June)

I-D ACTION: draft-luotonen-http-url-byterange-00.txt Ari Luotonen (Monday, 26 June)

recommended hardware as a WWW server KAREN@vax.ebsco.com (Wednesday, 28 June)

CYBERPORN Bede B. McCall (Wednesday, 28 June)

no more SPC Jason Vickers 5-5075 (Tuesday, 27 June)

VALUES: Let them Adjust Ken Meyering (Tuesday, 27 June)

How about some listserve info???? Roy L. Roberts (Tuesday, 27 June)

RE: Rating Systems Christopher B. Rechtsteiner (Tuesday, 27 June)

Accessing the internet via satellite Skenderbeju, chekichi i fatit (Saturday, 24 June)

Show Source Steve Cameron (Tuesday, 27 June)

Re: Getting off this list? Sylvaine ROY (Tuesday, 27 June)

Extending Trust... Steven T. Roussey (Tuesday, 27 June)

(no subject) ROBERTO BARROS (Monday, 26 June)

keep-connection Martin Hamilton (Monday, 26 June)

Contact request: "Silk" authors Jacob Levy (Monday, 26 June)

(no subject) Ari Luotonen (Monday, 26 June)

Re: unsubscribe Thomas Morse/UB Networks (Monday, 26 June)

(no subject) Sen Shantanu (Monday, 26 June)

(no subject) Sen Shantanu (Monday, 26 June)

UN-SUB www-talk Jerry Walters (Monday, 26 June)

Agent-mediated access (was Re: Criticism of Kidcode...) Peter Deutsch (Tuesday, 20 June)

Labeling in the news Carl M. Kadie (Sunday, 25 June)

Intelligent Rating Systems Ken Meyering (Sunday, 25 June)

What's next after the common log format? Andrew Payne (Saturday, 24 June)

UN-SUB www-talk chen@cds001.cebaf.gov (Friday, 23 June)

UN-SUB www-talk Zia Haq (Friday, 23 June)

web publishing Wes Thomas (Friday, 23 June)

PUT method question Steve Heaney (Friday, 23 June)

web publishing Wes Thomas (Friday, 23 June)

Withdrawal of info.cern.ch Brian Carpenter CERN-CN (Friday, 23 June)

Re: Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps ) Paul Francis (Friday, 23 June)

Re: Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps ) Paul Francis (Friday, 23 June)

(no subject) Sen Shantanu (Thursday, 22 June)

weather data David Cho (Thursday, 22 June)

Printing WEB pages from Mosaic Dana MacKonis - Sun East Coast IR Developmen (Thursday, 22 June)

Writing proxy server help !! Mr TWY Tsui (Thursday, 22 June)

digest Kenold Pierre-Louis (Wednesday, 21 June)

digest Kenold Pierre-Louis (Wednesday, 21 June)

(no subject) Noritoshi Demizu (Wednesday, 21 June)

(no subject) Alaa Hassan Kamel (Wednesday, 21 June)

Rating Criteria Terje Norderhaug (Wednesday, 21 June)

(no subject) Jose del Estal del Estal (Wednesday, 21 June)

Looking for WebServer beta test sites Andrew Payne (Tuesday, 20 June)

WWW2 Proceedings Brandon Plewe (Tuesday, 20 June)

(no subject) GUIDO CORTI (Tuesday, 20 June)

Re: Kidcode, censorship Kee Hinckley (Tuesday, 20 June)

Getting off this list? Gordon Joly (Tuesday, 20 June)

I seek MOO Web Browser FURUSE Nobuhiro (Tuesday, 20 June)

Java vs Tcl/Tk Rupesh Kapoor (Tuesday, 20 June)

Kidcode, censorship Steve Nisbet (Monday, 19 June)

Kill Interspersed Commercials (was Re: KidCode: Next steps) Terje Norderhaug (Tuesday, 20 June)

Embedded multipart/x-mixed-replace; Matthew J Gering (Monday, 19 June)

Update - Current Agora Status? mbeckham@usaresearch.com (Monday, 19 June)

302 Redirect & POST S.N.Brodie@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Monday, 19 June)

Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps ) Martijn Koster (Monday, 19 June)

Help about robots Maurizio Codogno (Monday, 19 June)

Lost bytes in an http server reply - very strange Kee Hinckley (Monday, 19 June)

Welcome Back to www-talk Roy Fielding (Sunday, 18 June)

Automatic Filter for Accented Characters ? Jose Fernando Tepedino Martins (Sunday, 18 June)

RE: Kid code - Next steps Martin Fry (Sunday, 18 June)

Re: KidCode: Next steps Nathaniel Borenstein (Sunday, 18 June)

First Virtual: are they being disingenuous? Anonymous (Thursday, 8 June)

using CERN proxy server Tao Zhang (Thursday, 8 June)

Printing multiple pages in Mosaic Karen Louie (Thursday, 8 June)

images not displaying clearly Iris Kobayakawa (Thursday, 8 June)

configure to handle POST David Dumaresq (Thursday, 8 June)

browsers translate characters? Rick Stout (Wednesday, 7 June)

Recommend an html editor David Dumaresq (Tuesday, 6 June)

Sunsetting of www-announce@w3.org Daniel W. Connolly (Wednesday, 7 June)

New Internet Draft on protecting children AND free speech Nathaniel Borenstein (Monday, 5 June)

(no subject) Danyel Ceccaldi (Monday, 5 June)

Recognizing CGI script responses Koen Holtman (Saturday, 3 June)

Out of Office AutoReply James 'J' Allard (Exchange) (Friday, 2 June)

Talking to a HTTP server. Paul Williams (Friday, 2 June)

wcol-beta05, announce and call for teseter Kenichi Chinen (Friday, 2 June)

Current Agora Status mbeckham@usaresearch.com (Thursday, 1 June)

Internet Magazines Mosley, Art (Thursday, 1 June)

(no subject) Larry Lannom (Thursday, 1 June)

(no subject) Duty Adviser (Thursday, 1 June)

technical jobs available at GNN John Labovitz (Wednesday, 31 May)

Delivery Failure patrik@nettime.se (Wednesday, 31 May)

Null char at end of Netscape headers? Stephen Hebditch (Wednesday, 31 May)

page reloads Steve Nisbet (Wednesday, 31 May)

Original Session-ID thread requested Chris Brown (Tuesday, 30 May)

I'm searching to a TeX browser on web clients... FURUSE Nobuhiro (Tuesday, 30 May)

(no subject) Abraam Pouliakis (Tuesday, 30 May)

redirection gwertzma@eecs.harvard.edu (Tuesday, 30 May)

Adobe's Acrobat Srivastava Nandini (Monday, 29 May)

Variable After a form Lejariel Laurent local (Monday, 29 May)

(no subject) caccia@icl382.cilea.it (Monday, 29 May)

Sending a POST-request to a WWW-server? M. Keukens (Monday, 29 May)

I'm not in... via the vacation program (Sunday, 28 May)

(no subject) via the vacation program (Sunday, 28 May)

How to submit a hidden item in a form to a perl script? kappos@cti.gr (Friday, 26 May)

W3C/INRIA hiring H&kon W Lie (Friday, 26 May)

[aw@bae.bellcore.com: Netscape to incorporate Java] Jim Davis (Friday, 26 May)

Proxy server interaction with password protected URLs? Jim Warwick (Friday, 26 May)

WEB Info Steve Nisbet (Friday, 26 May)

caching dilemma Shel Kaphan (Friday, 26 May)

Mosaic/WAIS Meritt, Jim (Thursday, 25 May)

Browser Displayed URL Dave Hollander (Thursday, 25 May)

Re: Byte ranges (actually robots) Kee Hinckley (Thursday, 25 May)

NetScape error & Mosaic Willy Lehotz (Tuesday, 23 May)

Re: Multiple language efforts? Francis Somers (Tuesday, 23 May)

Tutorial Markup Language Joel Crisp (Tuesday, 23 May)

INCLUDES questions John Calcote (Monday, 22 May)

Help with WWW clickable images(hot pages) John Jaberi (Monday, 22 May)

environment variables Emmanuel Ponsardin (Monday, 22 May)

Security on the CERN server Adam Shenker (Monday, 22 May)

Connecting Gopher and httpd Perry Newton (Friday, 19 May)

Re: HTML Link Type Model Craig Hubley (Friday, 19 May)

RFC 822 Flavio Marcelo C B do Amaral (Thursday, 18 May)

FYI: Shared WWW Annotations: Code Available to Developers Martin Roscheisen (Thursday, 18 May)

Re: Byte ranges -- formal spec proposal Ronald E. Daniel (Wednesday, 17 May)

Byte ranges -- formal spec proposal Ari Luotonen (Wednesday, 17 May)

Netscape and Adobe David Dumaresq (Tuesday, 16 May)

TCP shutdown problems Dave Kristol (Tuesday, 16 May)

(no subject) Albanesi, Massimo (Tuesday, 16 May)

netscape caches. Tim Trautmann (Monday, 15 May)

Viewer for UNIX alain@hyperman.co.il (Sunday, 14 May)

WebWatch 1.0 released Joseph Janos (Friday, 12 May)

Cern Proxy restrictions Alan Batie (Saturday, 1 February)

problem with ftp.w3.org Martin Hamilton (Saturday, 13 May)

SUMMARY: benchmark program for HTTP server's Martin Sjolin (Saturday, 13 May)

Remote publishing via PUT/POST Steve Heaney (Thursday, 11 May)

Re: NCSA Server (1.3) and ScriptAlias problems David Robinson (Thursday, 11 May)

Typo James Pitkow (Wednesday, 10 May)

(no subject) HEPWORTH@mutual.co.uk (Wednesday, 10 May)

Re: Strange problem with GMT on Solaris David Robinson (Wednesday, 10 May)

libwwwperl derek (Wednesday, 10 May)

Versions of HTML spec James (Eric) Tilton (Wednesday, 10 May)

[WWW National Conference] Registration Form and Accomodations Conferencia Nacional WWW (Wednesday, 10 May)

Re: common log format...unresolved hosts? Bob Cunningham (Wednesday, 10 May)

NCSA Server (1.3) and ScriptAlias problems Kee Hinckley (Tuesday, 9 May)

Netscape Navigator License Patrick Petit (Tuesday, 9 May)

Re: Dynamic HTML documents with Jim Killian (Tuesday, 9 May)

Reasonable new feature? Jeremie Miller (Tuesday, 9 May)

Verity Internet Virtual Library update; Verity/Netscape announcement Nick Arnett (Tuesday, 9 May)

RE: FW: Pros and Cons of various OSs for WWW Servers... Momentary Language, Sexual Situations (Monday, 8 May)

File names Frank Olav Estensen (Monday, 8 May)

Re: HTML 2.0 DOCUMENT / specifications bfg@w3.org (Sunday, 7 May)

help! HTTP method trying sunok@shiva.hsr.re.kr (Thursday, 4 May)

Modular Browsers (was:User authentication) Christopher L. Werner (Monday, 8 May)

(no subject) Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Sunday, 7 May)

(no subject) Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Sunday, 7 May)

HTTP Content-length question... Srivatsa Srinivasan (Sunday, 7 May)

Show movies in Netscape? andersg@ludd.luth.se (Sunday, 7 May)

Re: Kee Hinckley (Sunday, 7 May)

(no subject) Svante Pettersson (Sunday, 7 May)

(no subject) Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Saturday, 6 May)

User authentication Martin Hamilton (Saturday, 6 May)

re: HTML 2.0 standard doc's \yvind S{ter (Saturday, 6 May)

CGI environment vars for browser ID, etc. Ann Lynnworth (Friday, 5 May)

Server side browser identification Elisabeth Shyjka (Friday, 5 May)

Re: your mail Rupesh Kapoor (Friday, 5 May)

Strange problem with GMT on Solaris Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Friday, 5 May)

WARNING: message delayed at "plymouth.ac.uk" pp@plymouth.ac.uk (Friday, 5 May)

WARNING: message delayed at "plymouth.ac.uk" pp@plymouth.ac.uk (Friday, 5 May)

Are there any browsers which handle "tabs" yet ? Richard Everman (Thursday, 4 May)

WWW/HTML/HTTP Training GAYLA.HISS%MSFC34PO@x400gw.msfc.nasa.gov (Thursday, 4 May)

MIME type help. Dongming Zhang (Thursday, 4 May)

HTTPD server question Ramani K. Iyer (Wednesday, 3 May)

HTTPD,Informix and the Web Larry Matthias (Wednesday, 3 May)

Support for Multiple Submit buttons on Forms brianm@itthartford.com (Tuesday, 2 May)

imagemaps Emmanuel Ponsardin (Wednesday, 3 May)

(no subject) Namita (Wednesday, 3 May)

(no subject) Andrew S. Clapp (Wednesday, 3 May)

Httpd-log files Alice Iordache (Tuesday, 2 May)

Avoiding a blank line. charlab@embratel.net.br (Tuesday, 2 May)

Re: CGI spec revisited David Robinson (Tuesday, 2 May)

Re: Private CGI-dir - a security risk Gerald W. Edgar (Monday, 1 May)

Re: URLs in saved documents Bert Bos (Monday, 1 May)

centering proposal Rob Hartill (Monday, 1 May)

Re: Dynamic HTML documents with client pull Lou Montulli (Monday, 1 May)

HTML 2.0/3.o Mosley, Art (Monday, 1 May)

Re: Session tracking Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS (Monday, 1 May)

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