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302 Redirect & POST

[aw@bae.bellcore.com: Netscape to incorporate Java]

[WWW National Conference] Registration Form and Accomodations

Accessing the internet via satellite

Adobe's Acrobat

Agent-mediated access (was Re: Criticism of Kidcode...)

Agent-mediated access, kidcode critiques, and community standards

Are there any browsers which handle "tabs" yet ?

Automatic Filter for Accented Characters ?

Avoiding a blank line.

Browser Displayed URL

browsers translate characters?

Byte ranges (actually robots)

Byte ranges -- formal spec proposal

caching dilemma

centering proposal

Cern Proxy restrictions

CGI environment vars for browser ID, etc.

CGI spec revisited

Client handling of Expires: (was: Content-lengths of dynamic objects)

common log format...unresolved hosts?

configure to handle POST

Connecting Gopher and httpd

Contact request: "Silk" authors

Content-lengths of dynamic objects

Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps )

Current Agora Status


Delivery Failure


Dynamic HTML documents with

Dynamic HTML documents with client pull

Embedded multipart/x-mixed-replace;

environment variables

Expires non-compliance

Extending Trust...

File names

First Virtual: are they being disingenuous?

FYI: Shared WWW Annotations: Code Available to Developers

Getting off this list?

Help about robots

Help with WWW clickable images(hot pages)

help! HTTP method trying

How about some listserve info????

How bout types of colored links?

How to submit a hidden item in a form to a perl script?

HTML 2.0 DOCUMENT / specifications

HTML 2.0 standard doc's

HTML 2.0/3.o

HTML Link Type Model

HTTP Content-length question...

HTTPD server question

HTTPD,Informix and the Web

Httpd-log files

I seek MOO Web Browser

I'm not in...

I'm searching to a TeX browser on web clients...

I-D ACTION: draft-luotonen-http-url-byterange-00.txt


images not displaying clearly

INCLUDES questions

Intelligent Rating Systems

Interesting New Web Helper Application -- REAL real-time chat

Internet Magazines

Is the "Title" Entity Header supported?

Java vs Tcl/Tk

Java vs Tcl/Tk [RESENT]


Kid Code

Kid code - Next steps

Kidcode, censorship

KidCode: Next steps

Kill Interspersed Commercials (was Re: KidCode: Next steps)

Labeling in the news


Looking for WebServer beta test sites

Lost bytes in an http server reply - very strange

MIME type help.

Modular Browsers (was:User authentication)


multiple home pages/ips

Multiple language efforts?

NCSA Server (1.3) and ScriptAlias problems

Netscape and Adobe

netscape caches.

NetScape error & Mosaic

Netscape Navigator License

New Internet Draft on protecting children AND free speech

no more

Null char at end of Netscape headers?

Original Session-ID thread requested

Out of Office AutoReply

page reloads

Parsing query string in perl

Printing multiple pages in Mosaic

Printing WEB pages from Mosaic

Private CGI-dir - a security risk

problem with ftp.w3.org

Pros and Cons of various OSs for WWW Servers...

Proxy server interaction with password protected URLs?

PUT method question

Rating Criteria

Rating Systems

Reasonable new feature?

Recognizing CGI script responses

Recommend an html editor

recommended hardware as a WWW server


Regarding HTTP/1.0 specification

Remote publishing via PUT/POST

RFC 822

Security on the CERN server

Sending a POST-request to a WWW-server?

Server side browser identification

Session tracking

Show movies in Netscape?

Show Source

Strange problem with GMT on Solaris

SUMMARY: benchmark program for HTTP server's

Sunsetting of www-announce@w3.org

Support for Multiple Submit buttons on Forms

Talking to a HTTP server.

TCP shutdown problems

technical jobs available at GNN

The Web is more than (conventional) distributed objects

Tutorial Markup Language


UN-SUB www-talk


Update - Current Agora Status?

URLs in saved documents

User authentication

using CERN proxy server

VALUES: Let them Adjust

Variable After a form

Verity Internet Virtual Library update; Verity/Netscape announcement

Versions of HTML spec

Viewer for UNIX

W3C/INRIA hiring

WARNING: message delayed at "plymouth.ac.uk"

wcol-beta05, announce and call for teseter

weather data

WEB Info

web publishing

WebWatch 1.0 released

Welcome Back to www-talk

What's next after the common log format?

Withdrawal of info.cern.ch

Writing proxy server help !!

WWW <--> rdb


WWW2 Proceedings

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