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<dynamic> element idea (was: <dynamic> tag idea)

<dynamic> tag idea

[off topic]Please, wait for Symbolic Names next message.

Alternative to NOBR tag?

Are always TARGET attribute values CI?

AW: Charset "iso-10646-1"

AW: mailto & attach

AW: Suggestion: <link rel="script">

AW: To XML or not XML?

BODY content model and ADDRESS in ISO-HTML

Canonical XHTML

Charset "iso-10646-1"

Classes Considered Harmful

Content type of TR/ruby/xhtml-ruby-1.mod

Continuation of Symbolic Name For Every Character.

CSS boxes

CSS-P or something else

Element prohibitions in XHTML

Errors in XHTML's Character Entities!

How to be markup LABEL element with two or more fields.


HTTP connection and multiple servers...

I am not sure. To DJW's RE: Positive Re. Symbolic Name...

I want out!!!

I want out!!! [off-topic]

Idea re: transparency

In regard to the subject Symbolic Name For Every Character


Join the fight to quality. Make 36 Annually secured

Latest Version

Lets start a romantic affair

List elements (was: Tree Presented Lists )

mailto & attach

Netscape Form Problem

Positive Re. Symbolic name for every character

Processing Instructions in XHTML 1.0

Q/Sugestion about XHTML

Questions on the Extensibility of XHTML

re subscription problems

Small re. In regard to the subject Symbolic Name ...

State of named character reference apos in XHTML

Suggestion: <link rel="script">

Symbolic name for every character.

tfoot is screwed is up

To XML or not XML?


What is expected behavior when a user tabs on the select box whic h doesn't contain any option?

White space and inline elements

Wrong MIME type for XML DTDs


XHTML 2.0: Where Is It Going?

XHTML 2.0: Where Is It Going? (PR#570)

XHTML Events

XHTML m12n Hacking

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