Re: I want out!!! [off-topic]

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:13:35 -0700, Daniel Hiester wrote:

> Well, to be fair, it might be possible that someone else subscribed him by
> spoofing his address.

All these lists are double-opt-in are they not?  Nobody should be here
who haven't confirmed at least once they want to be..

If not, I vote to have * added ro ORDB! <g>

> But what I'm saying is I suppose it is possible for someone to be subscribed
> to this list without their knowledge or permission, and since this is
> probably the w3c's most popular list, this will be the list for which it
> occurs most frequently.

www-html seems quite quiet actually :)

Are all these Mailing-List: headers RFC'd?  Be nice to have clients
support them, automate it somewhat.  Sites could even use XML to provide
clients with details about lists (getting very slightly closer towards
the topic ;).
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