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Very good tutorial about XHTML

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  Subject: To XML or not XML?

      I am noticing that there seems to be no html 5 standards.  Instead, it looks to me that XML will become the new standard and that XHTML will be a transitional standard.  I cannot seem to find any pages that give an overview as to what all of us will have to deal with in the "NEAR" future 1-3 years (I know that nobody can predict this).  I have read that xml will be much more strict when it comes to formatting your code and that all tags should be lower cased.  Are these true? 
  I am a web designer, but I am a reluctant one that doesn't like the tech side that much.  For this reason I don't keep up with the latest WC3 standards like I should.  I find WC3's site very confusing to sort through.  I know the answers are probably there but I am having a hard time finding and understanding, everything that is said.  Forgive my ignorance. 

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