Re: Suggestion: <link rel="script">

22.08.01 11:32:30, "Clover Andrew" <> wrote:

>  <script> is undesirably overloaded. It is used to include
>  embedded scripts in a document as well as to link to external
>  scripts.

>  a new <link> type for scripts which could be used in the
>  <head> in the same way as <link rel="stylesheet">. The script
>  would executed when the page has been fully received.

I think this is an interesting idea. I have earlier complained that the 
current script/noscript model is fundamentally broken, and something 
better is needed for XHTML 2.0.

One idea I have fooled around with is an OBJECT like nested alternate 
content syntax,

<script src="URI" type="text/scriptLang">
   <!-- alternate/noscript content for text/scriptLang here -->

   <!-- This script may only run if text/scriptLang didn't: -->
   <script src="URI" type="text/otherLang">
      <!-- content if neither scripts ran will be here -->

   <!-- more alternate content for text/scriptLang content here -->

*  Script and noscript works
*  In fact, the noscript version would be the same as having 
   all script start/end tags removed 

*  Inline scripts will no longer be possible
*  In fact, the content of XHTML 1.0 inline scripts will be 
   displayed unless you have some script {display:none} feature 

Jonny Axelsson,
Opera Software

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2001 06:18:45 UTC