--- Roberto Shayer Lyra <>
> Is INCLUDE a normal tag ? 
> I use it but now I am not sure if it belong to HTML
> or to ASP. I didn't find
> anything about it here, in w3c. 

An INCLUDE statement is not an HTML tag, but it is
placed inside HTML comment tags.

No, it's not part of HTML.  It uses a technology
called Server-Side Includes (SSI) which means that it
is run on the server, not by the browser (which
interprets HTML.)

It's true that some people use INCLUDE statements in
ASP pages, but it's NOT a part of ASP.  From what I
understand, the SSI language is not "defined" by a W3C
recommendation or Microsoft's ASP language, but by
servers (such as Apache or IIS.)

David Bindel (

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Received on Thursday, 2 August 2001 15:26:10 UTC