Re: Symbolic name for every character.

* "" <> wrote:
> I propose to make symbolic name (made of US-ASCII-characters
> like for characters below) for every non-us-ascii character. 

You don't want XHTML to carry > 50,000 named character references.

>Someone is seeking through the Web with some search engine for
>French word "fond" which means bottom, depth, endurance, etc. 
>If the proposed language attribute is in use then the one could
>escape such words as for example English adjective "fond" and so on. 

No, named character references are just aliases for the characters,
processors won't know whether you used some character encoding,
numeric character references or named character references. There is a
lang and xml:lang attribute, if you want to perform a search for a word
in a specific language, you can use their content (or the
Content-Language HTTP header or similar protocol information).
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