Re: Classes Considered Harmful

Sean B. Palmer <> schrieb/wrote:
>    <myelem class="blue"/>

> Here, the presentational attribute of the element not separated from
> content; the presentation has not been applied based upon the
> semantics of the element. [...]

For software, it does not make a difference whether it is the  
version above or one of these:

     <myelem class="note" />
     <myelem class="sd2Sdslkj29ndkasdu932ensdlfvsof7u39" />

or even:

     <note />

In all of these cases, there is nothing that would assign any  
meaning to the element.

What we would need is an extension to (X)HTML, possibly defined as  
a module, introducing new elements with a prose that defines their  
semantics. On the other hand, there's already DOCBOOK...

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