Small re. In regard to the subject Symbolic Name ...

(In reply to Miscellaneous Notices..., to notice: "I am sure that there
are a lot of reasons to read HTML-source could be found for person who
is working with HTML.":)

	Yes, of course. There can be a lot of them but it doesn’t matter. The
person is able to read entire HTML-source using the same Unicode.

	Sincerely yours,
	Cyril, Esq.

(Immediate Cyril’s reply to him self:)

	Oh, really! Seeming I lost sight of this possibility as so often is the
case with me. I am sorry. That’s change the situation. I recall that my
notice. But I am still planning to come back in about 6 months.

Best wishes,
Cyril, Esq.

Received on Wednesday, 15 August 2001 07:23:13 UTC