Re: Alternative to NOBR tag?

From: "Dan Delaney" <>
Subject: RE: Alternative to NOBR tag?
Date: Wed, Aug 1, 2001, 11:52 AM

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>> From: Tantek Celik
>> In your example, this style rule:
>> .PhoneNumber { white-space: nowrap; }
> Unfortunately, according to the CSS1 spec, the white-space style only
> applied to block-level elements.

Thank you for the reminder.  I remember discussing that specific issue at a
past working group meeting (here is working group email preceding the
meeting [1]), and it was decided that that was an error in CSS1 (and CSS2
for that matter).

Note that the CSS1 Test Suite tests to make sure that white-space applies to
all elements [2], including <span>, and that all implementations that I know
of that support white-space do so on block-level and inline-level elements
(because they all used the CSS1 Test Suite to test their compliance of

> So it's not supposed to work with the
> <span> tag.

Well, it is, but you're right, the currently published spec does not
properly convey this.

Thanks again for reminding us to fix this.  W3C CSS working group cc'd.


[1] W3C Member only link.


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