Re: List elements (was: Tree Presented Lists )

(I said)
>> ...I am confident that one could already use just OL or
>> just UL (whichever tickles your fancy), and use stylesheets
>> to control how you want it to look. I don't think it makes
>> a huge difference whether you state in the markup that it's
>> an ordered list or an unordered list, because the UA will
>> still only render the list in whatever order the author
>> puts it.

(Fantasai said)
>Now you're thinking in terms of presentation.

Exactly. My angle when I wrote all of that is that, as far as the UA is
concerned, the only different between a UL and an OL is the term of
presentation, which I wanted to see pushed over into stylesheets. But I
suppose I finally cave in, and admit what you and some others here have said
is correct; semantics must, after all, be important to the author of the
HTML document. Kind of like the difference between P and DIV; both are used
to create line breaks, and indicate that the two P's or two DIV's are
supposed to represent a different portion of the text flow, but there is a
very important difference between those two.

[and no, I'm not dumb enough to even consider using DIV in any way even
remotely similar to P :-)]


Received on Thursday, 16 August 2001 13:10:01 UTC