Re: Wrong MIME type for XML DTDs

Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote:

> PS: Should I send such reports to or to the
>     web-human instead of mailing lists for the relevant domain?

You should send such reports to  You are asking
to change the configuration of the Web server, which is primarily
a Webmasters' job, and Webmasters are not reading this mailing list,
so you're not going to get an answer.  At least you should have
sent such reports to  Well, actually they
are aware of the issue anyway ...

Note that application/xml-dtd did not exist at the time of publication
of XHTML 1.0, and while RFC 2376 said that media types text/xml and
application/xml can be used for external DTD subsets, revision of
RFC 2376 was already ongoing during 1999 and the use of text/xml or
application/xml for external DTD subsets was going to be deprecated
(in fact, RFC 3023 says application/xml and text/xml MUST NOT be used
for external DTD subsets), so there was not really a good choice in
January 2000.

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