In regard to the subject Symbolic Name For Every Character

(NOTE: It is continuation of previous messages with the subject Symbolic
Name For Every Character.)


	Dear sirs,

	I am preparing another proposal to Symbolic Names. The proposition
should be slightly more powerful and flexible than Unicode method. (It
might become yet more flexible if 2 letters' restriction for the
language codes is removed. I think that some languages are not quite
recognizable in just 2 letters' mnemonic. Today's situation with that 2
letters reminds me a situation with 8 characters file names. Many years
ago, file name could not be longer than 8 characters.)

			It could happen
				that's an ode
			On a death
				of Unicode.

	I am informing you in order to get you prepared to a possible
discarding of the old good Unicode.
	If ever I'll be back in 6 months.

	First, I thank you for your consideration.

	Forget, please, an example from the previous message with internet
cafe. It wasn't a good example. I am sorry. I am sure that there are a
lot of reasons to read HTML-source could be found for person who is
working with HTML.

	In regard to my moving against the trend to reduce the usage of
symbolic names, I feel that not only I alone but a good half of the
world wags together with me and so goes the HTML. It is seems that many
people still are not able to read from ciphers directly. May be because
of this people's disability, rapid growing of symbolic names set occur.
More over I beg to express my suspicion that the HTML itself was grew up
on symbolic, mnemonic, names. Compare, please, pairs below.
	<lang> and language.
	<pre>  and preformatted text.

	At least, this trend couldn't reduce any part or all HTML to numbers e.
g. <lang>, <pre>, and <li> to reduce to x01, x02, and x03 accordingly,
could it?

Best regards,
Cyril, Esq.

Received on Tuesday, 14 August 2001 19:26:19 UTC