RE: Alternative to NOBR tag?

> From:	Dan Delaney []
> Forgive me if this issue has been resolved, but I couldn't find an answer
> in
> the archives 
	Probably because it is mainly off topic.

> Is there an alternative to the <nobr> tag that works in all of the
> browsers?
> And if not, why has the <nobr> tag been depricated without a viable
> alternative?
<NOBR> cannot be deprecated as it has never been part of
even transitional W3C HTML versions; it is purely 
proprietory.  But, in any case, if universal browser support
for alternatives were the condition for deprecation, nothing
would ever get deprecated.  Complete removal has happened 
in XHTML 1.1, has to be based on a reasonable time delay to 
allow it to happen at all.

Following is off topic:

As far as I can tell, any browser that inserted a line break
in your example is broken, as "-" should be considered as a
non-breaking character.

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