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[webrtc-pc] Define description.sdp for rollback for setLocalDescription

[webrtc-pc] Does direction matter for rejected m= sections?

[webrtc-pc] DOMException(name=<Exception>) or instances of <Exception>?

[webrtc-pc] Editorial: Don't "set" the readonly bufferedAmount attribute

[webrtc-pc] Editorial: Some interfaces are missing links

[webrtc-pc] either full check certs or explain why it's not necessary ( Constructor)

[webrtc-pc] Fix respec warnings surfaced by 20.0.4

[webrtc-pc] IceCandidate.toJson method refers to "description" attribute

[webrtc-pc] Inconsistency over active member in receiver's "encoding" parameters.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Annotate definitions with IDL marker for compat with ReSpec 19.6

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Buffered amount slot

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Data channel closing procedure

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Describe how ICE restarts affect the RTCIceTransportState.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Editorial: Remove stars from links

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Fix another typo in section ID

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: fix RTCIceCandidate.toJson description

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Fix typo in section IDs: rtcprtp -> rtcrtp

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Fix warnings on definitions from ReSpec upgrade to 20.4

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Handling of KeyingMaterial internal slot

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Limit sendEncodings to video.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Link to correct statechange event per transport

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Require RTCRtpHeaderExtensionParameters members.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Revert changes to transceiver at rollback.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: RTCDataChannel: Specify common create steps for locally and remotely created channels

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: RTCDataChannel: Specify that a string argument to send must be encoded

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Split out RTCRtpDecodingParameters and fix active.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Split out RTCSendRtpParameters and mark parameters as required.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Test guidelines: Add option to use 'help link' to reference specific section

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Update mandatory to implement stats

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Update structured cloning for recent changes to HTML

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Upgrade to Respec 20.0.3

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Upgrade to Respec 20.0.4

[webrtc-pc] Remove * at the end of links?

[webrtc-pc] assignment

[webrtc-pc] RTCDataChannel: Remotely initiated channels needs to get all slots defined

[webrtc-pc] RTCDataChannelEventInit is not optional

[webrtc-pc] RTCPeerConnection.close procedure: Data Channel & SCTP questions

[webrtc-pc] Should a signalingstatechange event be fired when closing a RTCPeerConnection?

[webrtc-pc] Simulcast makes no sense for audio.

[webrtc-pc] statechange Event always points to RTCIceTransport's statechange Event

[webrtc-stats] Add stat for RTTs between client and STUN/TURN server

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: s/ PeerConnection/ RTCPeerConnection/g

[webrtc-stats] remoteSource is needed for 'track' stats

[webrtc-stats] Unable to distinguish "sender" stats if multiple senders are sending the same track

April VI: timeslot picked

Doodle for April VI

Encoders (Re: Getting rid of SDP)

Encoders (Re: Getting rid of SDP) - Timestamps for media

Fwd: Web Real-Time Communications Working Group Charter Extended

Getting rid of RTP

Getting rid of SDP

Getting rid of SDP (relation to ORTC)

Getting rid of UDP

How to register with Google as a WebRTC developer

Move forward with 'Content Hints'

Moving forward with Transition Request to CR for “WebRTC Statistics”

Proposal: a f2f meeting in conjunction with IETF 102

Reminder: Re: Doodle for April VI

Web Real-Time Communications Working Group Charter Extended


Weekly github digest (WebRTC WG specifications)

Why QUIC is better than sliced bread

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