[webrtc-pc] DOMException(name=<Exception>) or instances of <Exception>?

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== DOMException(name=<Exception>) or instances of <Exception>? ==
There are a bunch of exceptions that should be raised in various circumstances defined by the spec. Are these of...

1. type `DOMException` with `.name` set (to for example `TypeError`, `OperationError`, ...), or
2. type `TypeError`, `OperationError`, etc.

Since `OperationError` doesn't seem a valid standalone exception class and we're using `OperationError` in the spec, I would assume 1. is correct.
But the WPTs use `TypeError` all the time and there are plenty of tests that pass with this assumption...

So, what's correct?

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Received on Monday, 26 March 2018 20:21:47 UTC