[webrtc-pc] Does direction matter for rejected m= sections?

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== Does direction matter for rejected m= sections? ==
The direction of an m= section in a remote description affects what happens to remote tracks; for example:

> If direction is "sendonly" or "inactive", and transceiver's [[CurrentDirection]] slot is neither "sendonly" nor "inactive", process the removal of a remote track for the media description, given transceiver.

But what if the m= section is rejected? In that case, it seems odd that the direction would make a difference, since it affects nothing underneath. It doesn't matter if a rejected m= section has "a=sendrecv"; none of its streams will be sent or received regardless.

So, would it be appropriate to treat rejected m= sections as implicitly having an `inactive` direction?

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Received on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 23:06:37 UTC