Re: Getting rid of SDP

Even though you have discussion in the IETF going on at,
I think that it's worth having discussion here about the Web API side of
things.  I think almost your entire proposal could be implemented in
JS/wasm with the following Web APIs:

- SLICE (what I proposed two virtual interims ago as part of
- QUIC data streams (
- A low-level audio/video encoder/decoder API (like what I proposed at TPAC
in 2017)

I think having those APIs available for your idea to be possible to
implement in a web context (or other similar ideas) is a great direction to

The only thing I think your proposal seeks that the three APIs above cannot
provide is a mechanism for replacing the STUN/TURN message format.  It
could allow for new STUN/TURN message formats if run over QUIC, but if they
need to be outside of QUIC, then it would need be standardized first in the
IETF and then added into SLICE.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 11:48 AM Cullen Jennings (fluffy) <>

> SDP is really awful - encoding SDP as parsed JSON does not help much. What
> we need to do to greatly simplify things is get rid of SDP. The offer
> answer is really complicated for modern systems that have more uniform
> capabilities so I would like to get rid of offer answer too. To simplify
> all the control, I think one needs to also simplify STUN, TURN, ICE, RTP,
> and SRTP.
> I wrote a draft outlining that - it is at:
> it is being discussed on the email list ( you can join
> at Glad to get PR at
> Love to get feedback in general and also on how this, or parts of it,
> would be a good way to go for the next version of WebRTC
> Thanks, Cullen

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