Re: Getting rid of SDP

On Mar 5, 2018, at 15:30, Peter Thatcher <<>> wrote:
Even though you have discussion in the IETF going on at<>, I think that it's worth having discussion here about the Web API side of things.  I think almost your entire proposal could be implemented in JS/wasm with the following Web APIs:

- SLICE (what I proposed two virtual interims ago as part of
- QUIC data streams (
- A low-level audio/video encoder/decoder API (like what I proposed at TPAC in 2017)

I think having those APIs available for your idea to be possible to implement in a web context (or other similar ideas) is a great direction to go.

[BA] A major advantage of the approach above is that it is modular and can deliver incremental functionality based on existing work in RTCWEB, ICE and QUIC WGs without an inherent dependency on RTPv3 or ICEv2 (though it can also accommodate those things if and when they become available).

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