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[Alarm API] Time zone handling

[runtime] Design principles & Introduction

[sysapps/app-uri] 5c538c: Changed affiliation to Moz

[sysapps/app-uri] 7de3cd: Added note about dereferencing (closes #19)

[sysapps/app-uri] b67a6f: Linked to the spec at the top of the readme

[sysapps/raw socket api]: A number of updates

[sysapps/raw socket api]: address + port vs uri

[sysapps/raw socket api]:Proposal for resolution of remaining issues.

Alarm API: ignoreTimezone/respectTimezone

app: URI - Request for review of privacy aspects

Are we nearly ready for CfC on telephony API?

CfC: publish FPWD of "app: URI scheme"; deadline April 26th

CfC: publish FPWD of "Messaging API"; deadline May 9th

CfC: publish FPWD of "Raw Socket API"; deadline May 7th

CfC: transfer "Manifest for Web Applications" specification to WebApps WG; deadline 20th May

Change of affiliation

Error handling for TCPServerSocket

Fwd: PING call - 23 May 2013 at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 16 UTC, 6pm CET

FYI app-uri, messaging published as FPWDs

joint work with WebApps WG on Manifest

publish FPWD of "Raw Socket API"; deadline May 7th

raw-sockets now FPWD, messaging, app-uri coming soon

Rename "Web Alarms API" to "Task Scheduler"

Request to publish Messaging API as FPWD

Review Request: Raw Socket API

Reviews on github

Schedule for next F2F meeting

Second Phase - Security Element API

Showing APIs to the ECMAScript world

SV: publish FPWD of "Raw Socket API"; deadline May 7th

Urgent - registering SysApps intent to meet at TPAC 2013

View modes and sizes, was Re: Application window state and size URIs for editor's drafts on GitHub

Wrong type for TCPSocket.remotePort attribute

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