Second Phase - Security Element API

In Web Crypto the second phase deliverables were postponed to not interfere with the first phase ditto.

When the WG finally reached the second phase, very fundamental discussions emerged that IMO should have been taken on from the start.
Particularly the lack of connection between Web Crypto and existing platform keys left a lot of people on a limb.

A Security Element API opens a similarly huge bunch of questions including pretty basic things like what the use-case is for the SE.
I would poll this ASAP and consider dropping this item if interest is limited.

It is also important keeping in mind that there are tons of IPR associated with SEs making them very difficult to discuss in open forums.  As an example I mentioned the interesting Google Wallet security architecture in Web Crypto but nobody felt inclined answering or commenting about it in spite of the fact that it (of course) some day must work for the web as well.  Microsoft have introduced VSCs (Virtual Smart Cards) in Windows 8 but the specification remains secret.


Received on Friday, 31 May 2013 06:34:08 UTC