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> In addition, for errors that occurs after the socket has successfully been set up we already have the error event but we need to add that the event is not only fired when a new connection attempt to the TCP server socket cannot be served, but also when an error in the underlying layer occurs, e.g. network connection is lost.
> Would this be sufficient?

You also need to define what those events look like. I.e. what is the
.name of the DOMError that they contain for the various error
conditions that can occur here.

The use-case is wanting to create a UI which displays error messages
to the user on the form of "We were unable to set up a server to
listen for incoming chat requests. Perhaps you already have another
<chat protocol name here> server running in another application. If
so, please try closing that application and press the 'connect' button

For this to be possible the application needs to receive a
machine-readable error which it can use to determine which error UI to

/ Jonas

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>> Hi Jonas,
>> Yes, the error handling for TCPServerSocket might have to better
>> defined.
>> In the description of the steps for the TCPServerSocket constructor I
>> guess that we should add a statement saying that an exception is thrown
>> if the server socket cannot be created, for example because the
>> implementation does not support TCP server sockets.
>> However, I don't know if we need an event stating that the server has
>> been successfully set up. Would a successful execution of the server
>> socket constructor be enough?
>> Claes
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>> >
>> > The error handling for TCPServerSocket is somewhat unclear.
>> >
>> > What errors can be raised if we fail to open the server? What errors
>> > can be fired once the server is successfully set up?
>> >
>> > And how does the caller know that the server has been successfully
>> set
>> > up?
>> >
>> > / Jonas

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