Re: [runtime] Design principles & Introduction

Yes, I also support this proposal. The intro section is missing and needed.

BR, Sakari

On 5/30/13 1:55 PM, "Kostiainen, Anssi" <> wrote:

>In order to make it even easier for new people to get started with the
>SysApps' Runtime spec [1], I thought we may want to clearly and
>succinctly document the design principles that guide and scope the work.
>To make this more concrete and useful, this could form the basis for the
>currently missing Introduction section (parts of the current Abstract
>might be a better fit for Introduction too).
>I'm thinking of something similar to what Adam wrote down [2] at around
>the time the group was chartered.
>If this sounds reasonable, I'm happy to help draft some text.

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