Re: Showing APIs to the ECMAScript world

On Fri, 19 Apr 2013 12:49:38 +0200, Mounir Lamouri <>  

> On 19/04/13 12:13, Dave Raggett wrote:
>> It shouldn't be too difficult to arrange a means to automatically be
>> notified when any of these specs are updated. I can look into the
>> feasibility of this if the SysApps WG thinks it appropriate.
> I would be more than happy if public-script-coord receives update
> notifications for our specifications and if they can contribute to those
> specifications in this mailing list.

Me too.

> I agree that manually notifying them doesn't scale. We might do that for
> some specifications soon but we will very likely forgot to do that for
> further specifications.

Probably. On the other hand, waiting until we have a great system that  
automates it all is a likely route to ensuring we don't do anything for a  
long time.

If we start by doing it manually, someone might get annoyed enough to  
improve on that in real time. An in the meantime we manage to actually  
have a higher level of coordination than we do today. (Which is also why I  
am concerned at Marcos' futures limitation...)

> Also, if we end up with a discussion in public-script-coord and another
> in public-sysapps, things will be a bit hard to follow for those who are
> not part of those two groups.

Sure. Specs have feedback mechanisms, and I believe it is generally the  
case that those allow for public participation. I agree this could become  
a problem, but it is currently a problem I would like to have.



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