Re: Schedule for next F2F meeting


I can now confirm that Mozilla should be able to host this F2F but I do
not know yet in which location, hence this late email. For the moment,
it seems that we are going to host in Toronto or San Francisco.

Even though this isn't a final confirmation, I wanted to keep the group
updated to confirm that this F2F will actually happen and likely in
North America unless another organisation steps in to host.

Diana, do you know if Vodafone is still considering hosting the F2F?


On 25/04/13 10:32, Wonsuk Lee wrote:
> Colleagues!
> I would like to fix the schedule for next SysApps WG F2F meeting as
> below. It's based on the result of doodle [1].
> - Aug 26-30(Prefer(13), just working(1), Not working(3)): Totally 14
> members could attend
> For the place, I am looking for the company to host this meeting. At the
> last f2f meeting, I heard Mozilla and Vodafone could host the meeting,
> so that if it's not changed, I would like to ask Diana and Mounir to
> check this. But absolutely other company could propose a place as
> well. Actually some company in Korea could host this meeting. But as I
> mentioned in the last f2f meeting, there is a North Korea issue and W3C
> TPAC meeting will be held in Shenzhen, China. So I think Seoul is not
> good place at this time to have this meeting because two meetings might
> be held continuously in Asia. 
> If you have any comment, please let me know.
> [1]
> Kr, Wonsuk.
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