Re: Schedule for next F2F meeting


On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Wonsuk Lee <> wrote:
> Colleagues!
> I would like to fix the schedule for next SysApps WG F2F meeting as below.
> It's based on the result of doodle [1].
> - Aug 26-30(Prefer(13), just working(1), Not working(3)): Totally 14 members
> could attend
> For the place, I am looking for the company to host this meeting. At the
> last f2f meeting, I heard Mozilla and Vodafone could host the meeting, so
> that if it's not changed, I would like to ask Diana and Mounir to check
> this. But absolutely other company could propose a place as well. Actually
> some company in Korea could host this meeting. But as I mentioned in the
> last f2f meeting, there is a North Korea issue and W3C TPAC meeting will be
> held in Shenzhen, China. So I think Seoul is not good place at this time to
> have this meeting because two meetings might be held continuously in Asia.
> If you have any comment, please let me know.
> [1]
> Kr, Wonsuk.

I would need to know the place of the F2F during this week for
estimating the costs.
Any news on this?

Best regards,

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