Re: [sysapps/raw socket api]:Proposal for resolution of remaining issues.

On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 8:08 AM, Nilsson, Claes1 <> wrote:

> **
> Devices have more than
> one network interface. However, the issue is whether web applications
> should be able to select a specific local network interface to use for a
> socket or if always the “default interface”/the configured interface should
> be used. My view is that we should provide this possibility by an optional
> field in the constructor’s options attribute. I must admit that I have
> difficulties in motivating this by tangible use cases but I haven’t seen
> any existing TCP or UDP socket API that  does not provide the possibility
> to bind a socket to a local address. So there must be use cases and I
> propose that we keep this possibility in the specification. Objections?

I definitely think we need use cases for all features of the spec. The fact
that all existing libraries support an outgoing IP number might be an
effect of that they are commonly used on servers rather than just clients.

/ Jonas

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