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(Re: FAQ questions 3.10 + 3.11)

[ACTION-910][ADMIN] Revised minutes of Sept. 1 telecon

[ACTION-925] Review of RIF Guide

[Admin] Agenda for RIF telecon 15 September

[Admin] Agenda for RIF teleon September 29

[ADMIN] Minutes of 1 September 09 telecon

[Core][BLD] Content model of the Import's "location" and "profile" sub-elements

[DTB] fixing mapping in numeric functions

[OWL compatibility] #, ## in OWL compatibility

[RIF-XMLdata] Updated draft

[RIF-XMLdata] Updated draft (reply to Dave)

[RIF-XMLdata] Updated draft (reply to Gary)

[RIF/XML] XML task force

[RIF] Action-907

[RIF] Test document

[XMLdata] Proposed editorial notes ofr FPWD (Was: Re: Review of XML-DATA)

ACTION-733 started: my very belated OWLRL-RIF review

ACTION-914 and ACTION-918 completed

ACTION-919 completed

ACTION-920 completed

Another question re: ACTION-920

AW: talks on RIF at RuleML-2009

BLD restriction

BLD/FLD Issue/Bug: What is D<sub>list</sub>?

Bugs found in the editor draft for OWL 2 RL - RIF

comment on RIF-PRD

Draft minutes for 29 Sep 2009

draft minutes of Sept 15th RIF telecon

DTB comments from XML Query

DTB: Problem/Erratum for DTBin function string-join

EBNF grammar of presentation syntax

Editors: need to update changes since Last Call section

FAQ questions 3.10 + 3.11

Fwd: EBNF grammar of presentation syntax

Jim Melton: XML Query WG review of RIF Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0

Mail outage

need by tomorrow

New draft of RIF+XML data available for review

new mailing list:

New PRD tests added

new snapshots

new snapshots, errors

OWL2RL document updated

passing negative entailment tests

please review my response to Jim Melton / XQuery

publication oops

publication previews

publication update / to-do list

review of Guide

Review of XML-Data

review OWL2RL in RIF

RIF "Guide"

RIF lists question referring to ourt last telecon discussion

rif owlrl

RIF+XML data document

RIF-PRD implementation report

RIF-Test review

RR2009: Call for Participation (Early registration deadline: Sep 20th)

RuleML-2009 Call for Participation -Earlybird Deadline Sept. 25th

schedule slip

talks on RIF

Update to RIF+XML data document (Ooop!)

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