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Call for Exclusions: Internationalization Glossary

Call for Participation: Internationalization Working Group and Interest Group Charters Approved; Join i18n Groups

CORRECTION [Was: Call for Exclusions: Internationalization Glossary]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-1042: Remind members to review techniques/authoring-html-new for next telecon

I18N-ACTION-1043: Publish i18n-glossary as fpwd

I18N-ACTION-1044: Contact plh about webauthn issues and how to handle them

I18N-ACTION-1045: Draft issues on webauth#sctn-strings-langdir

I18N-ACTION-1046: Add mustard warning against unicode language tag characters to string-meta

I18N-ACTION-1047: File issues against webauthn and ping plh when complete

I18N-ACTION-1048: Create PR on webauthn with new metadata proposal

I18N-ACTION-1049: Close open completed reviews

I18N-ACTION-1050: Merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes

I18N-ACTION-1051: File issues about domexception against webidl to add metadata and to provide for localizability

I18N-ACTION-1052: Investigate glossary linking solutions, e.g. marcos's

I18N-ACTION-1053: Make pr for charmod-norm with proposed additions to mustard and organizational updates to section 3.2

I18N-ACTION-1054: Notify that dom review completed with no new issues (outstanding issues remain open for future work)

I18N-ACTION-1055: Publish localizable-manifests as fpwd with help from richard

I18N-ACTION-1056: Publish the paragraph direction definition

I18N-ACTION-1057: Add more information about using left/right as well as start/end

I18N-ACTION-1058: Merge pr217 and publish charmod-norm to tr

I18N-ACTION-1059: Publish update to typography article

I18N-ACTION-1060: Follow up on citpc/jltf request to utc about 4 characters and bring doc for review by wg when ready

I18N-ACTION-1061: Remove encoding tests and put a link to wpt tests

I18N-ACTION-1062: Review open css-text-decor issues for close or escalation

I18N-ACTION-1063: Respond to vocab-dcat issues pinging for updates

I18N-ACTION-1064: Propose health warning text on vocab-dcat and language

I18N-ACTION-1065: Ping a11y to see if they intend to progress low-vision-needs

I18N-ACTION-1066: Move pronunciation-gap-analysis issues to new document

I18N-ACTION-1067: Follow up on previous action related to language tag registry online

I18N-ACTION-1068: Put "foot in the door" for tpac and survey group for days/times

I18N-ACTION-1069: Ping chairs for tpac cross meetings

I18N-ACTION-1070: Reply to css about scrollbars

I18N-ACTION-1071: Send uax50 change request document for review by wg

I18N-ACTION-1072: Send feedback from clreq to jlreq on uax50 proposed changes

I18N-ACTION-1073: Coordinate citpc and w3c publication of uax50 change request

I18N-ACTION-1074: Respond to personalization-semantics that we can meet the 13th at 1400z

I18N-ACTION-1075: Respond to css confirm 27 oct at 1600z for tpac crossover meeting

I18N-ACTION-1076: Review css open issues for important items to resolve in tpac

I18N-ACTION-1077: Ping ian about joint meeting during tpac in re: secure payment confirmation

I18N-ACTION-1078: Review payment-request issues

I18N-ACTION-1079: Prepare comment for web auth until next week

I18N-ACTION-1080: Ping unicode about establishing a langtag online subtag reference

I18N-ACTION-1081: Proofread the uax50 letter from citpc

I18N-ACTION-1082: Establish tpac agenda page and put our various meetings with other groups there also

I18N-ACTION-1083: Write the ads about creating language subtag url reference

I18N-ACTION-1084: Set up meeting with felix, jck, self about tag registry thing at iana

I18N-ACTION-1085: Respond to media streams and capture transreq with lack of satisfaction

I18N-ISSUE-521: Create PR on webauthn with new metadata proposal

Internationalization Working Group and Interest Group Charters extended until 30 September 2021

Virtual TPAC 2021 - Registration now open; call for breakout sessions

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