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Please ignore this call for exclusions for Internationalization 
Glossary, as the group does not expect this document to become a W3C 
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> Dear Advisory Committee representative,
> This is a W3C Patent Policy Call for Exclusions for the following
> Recommendation Track document upon publication of its First Public Working Draft:
>    Internationalization Glossary
>    exclusion opportunity ending on 2021-12-05
>    This specification was produced by:
>        - the Internationalization Working Group
> If you do not wish to exclude patent claims during this exclusion
> opportunity, no further action is required. Member participants who
> think their organization may have patent claims to exclude should
> contact their Advisory Committee Representative.
> Participants made a Royalty-Free licensing commitment upon joining this
> Working Group. With the publication of this document, per section 4.1 of
> the Patent Policy [1], Participants have an opportunity until 2021-12-05
> to exclude patent claims reading on this Recommendation-track document.
> Excluded claims are not subject to the licensing requirements of the W3C
> Patent Policy for this document. For more information about exclusions,
> please see
> To make exclusions, please use the following form
> The Patent Policy anticipates that the documents will evolve during the
> 90 days following the first publication.  Per section 4.1 of the Patent
> Policy [1], whatever draft is available on 2021-10-06 establishes the
> reference material for the purposes of this exclusion opportunity.
> Just after 2021-10-06 we will send a reminder of this exclusion opportunity.
> Per section 4.2 of the Patent Policy [2], a Participant may resign from
> the Working Group before 2021-10-06 and be excused from all licensing
> commitments arising out of Working Group participation.
> To resign from the Working Group before 2021-10-06, please use the
> following form:
> Summary information for this group related to the W3C Patent Policy is
> available at:
> If you have any questions or need further information, please contact,
> for the Internationalization Working Group:
>      Bert Bos <>
>      Richard Ishida <>
>      Atsushi Shimono <>
>      Fuqiao Xue <>
> Thank you,
> For Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director;
> Xueyuan Jia, W3C Marketing & Communications
> [1]
> [2]
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