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[QB] ISSUE-32 relation to O&M Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 28 February)

[QB] ISSUE-29 Well-formedness Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 28 February)

can non-members join this mailing list? Fadi Maali (Thursday, 28 February)

[QB] ISSUE-31 (Aggregation hierarchies) Discussion and proposal Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 28 February)

Re: ISSUE-41 (alt/alternative): use of skos:altLabel or dcterms:alternative [Registered Organization Vocabulary] Phil Archer (Thursday, 28 February)

Regrets cannot attend this week's meeting Eric Stephan (Thursday, 28 February)

Respec: how specify contributors? Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 28 February)

Suggestion to publish QB Use Case Document as WG Note Benedikt Kaempgen (Thursday, 28 February)

W3C GLD WG meeting Thursday 28-Feb-2013 Bernadette Hyland (Wednesday, 27 February)

[QB] ISSUE-33 Discussion and possible resolutions Dave Reynolds (Wednesday, 27 February)

[QB] Editorial structure question Dave Reynolds (Wednesday, 27 February)

[QB] ISSUE-30 Proposed resolution Dave Reynolds (Wednesday, 27 February)

[QB] ISSUE-34 proposed resolution Dave Reynolds (Wednesday, 27 February)

[RegOrg] Issue-45 - request for review Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 21 February)

[ORG] Actions discharged Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 21 February)

Request for feedback: org/prov Organization relationship Dave Reynolds (Thursday, 21 February)

ISSUE-58 (prov:Organization): Relate org:Organization to prov:Organization [Organization Ontology] Government Linked Data Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 21 February)

Using versionable artefacts in SDMX-ML Sarven Capadisli (Wednesday, 20 February)

Need to Resign from GLD Gillman, Daniel - BLS (Wednesday, 20 February)

W3C GLD WG Thur 21-Feb-2013 — Meeting Agenda Hadley Beeman (Wednesday, 20 February)

Free Linked Open Data Webinar on DBpedia Spotlight Thomas Thurner (Tuesday, 19 February)

Last chance to join in:EDF2013 Call for Contribution ends 22.2., 02.00pm CET Martin Kaltenböck (Tuesday, 19 February)

Preliminary Feedback on GLD ORG Eric Stephan (Sunday, 17 February)

Re: Issues with ReSpec editor's drafts on Chrome, with fix Boris Villazón-Terrazas (Sunday, 17 February)

[ORG] Draft response to PROV WG Dave Reynolds (Saturday, 16 February)

[ORG] Disposition of issues Dave Reynolds (Saturday, 16 February)

ISSUE-57 (prov-invalidate): PROV use of invalidation [Organization Ontology] Government Linked Data Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 15 February)

ISSUE-56 (prov-sem): Check PROV semantic constraints [Organization Ontology] Government Linked Data Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 15 February)

ISSUE-55 (wasDerivedFrom): Use of prov:wasDerivedFrom [Organization Ontology] Government Linked Data Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 15 February)

Fwd: Linked SDMX Data Sarven Capadisli (Friday, 15 February)

Status of Deliverables updates James McKinney (Thursday, 14 February)

Community Directory Open Actions James McKinney (Thursday, 14 February)

Open RegOrg issues James McKinney (Thursday, 14 February)

[GLD] Minutes of 14 February 2013 Ghislain Atemezing (Thursday, 14 February)

Re: Minutes for W3C GLD WG telecon 24-Jan-2013 João Paulo Almeida (Thursday, 14 February)

AW: QB UC document update + thoughts about consolidated UC document Benedikt Kaempgen (Thursday, 14 February)

[dcat] Distribution re-design proposal Fadi Maali (Thursday, 14 February)

Open ORG issues James McKinney (Thursday, 14 February)

W3C GLD WG meeting Thursday 14-Feb-2013 Bernadette Hyland (Thursday, 14 February)

FYI reuse of people/organization terms James McKinney (Wednesday, 13 February)

Open data on the Web workshop Phil Archer (Monday, 11 February)

Welcome Hadley! Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 6 February)

W3C GLD WG update on F2F3 & next telecon Thursday 14-Feb, 2013 Bernadette Hyland (Wednesday, 6 February)

Re: Reviewing open DCAT actions; action required from Bernadette, Phil, John, Sandro Phil Archer (Monday, 4 February)

RE: dcat:accessURL issue Makx Dekkers (Friday, 1 February)

Re: [dcat] issue 10 - dcat:granularity - proposal Ghislain Atemezing (Friday, 1 February)

Re: ISSUE-54 (DCAT+VoID): Relationship of DCAT and VoID [DCAT] Bernadette Hyland (Friday, 1 February)

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