[QB] ISSUE-30 Proposed resolution

A number of groups have reported use cases where they wish to more 
flexibly relate measures in one cube to measures in another cube or in 
the same cube at a different aggregation level.

Examples included:
   - cubes of metrics which derive from combinations of more primitive 
metrics (as occur in local government performance reporting)
   - relating population category statistics (expressed as percentage of 
population) to corresponding total population counts
   - aggregation functions for OLAP cubes as expressed in, for example, 
   - when aggregating measures at defined levels in a geographic 
hierarchy [2] (a special case of the OLAP one)

This ISSUE is currently marked as RAISED but not OPEN.

There is some overlap here with ISSUE-31 which I'll raise on a separate 

I would love to address this issue but there is significant work 
involved here. As Arofan pointed out on that same thread [2] there has 
been substantial work in the SDMX community on this. So addressing this 
issue well is not simply a matter of agreeing a technically good 
solution for Data Cube but would require coordination to ensure the 
solution is compatible with the technical direction of SDMX. Given our 
new timescale this is simply not possible.

Since this would extend but not change the existing design it could be 
addressed by a future iteration of the spec.

Proposal: Mark the issue as "Postponed".


[1] Lorena Etcheverry, Alejandro A. Vaisman

[While I'm here I'd like to apologize to Lorena and Alejandro for not 
having followed up on this interesting work. This has been due to lack 
of time to invest in this area, not lack of interest.]


Received on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 16:16:28 UTC