Re: ISSUE-58 (prov:Organization): Relate org:Organization to prov:Organization [Organization Ontology]

On 21/02/13 14:59, Ghislain Atemezing wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for all the explanation!
>> If there is some problem with that then by stating the weaker:
>>      org:Organization rdfs:subClassOf prov:Organization .
> +1 for having this weaker statement.

As people will have seen, the suggestion from Paul is that in fact the 
generalization is the other way round:

   prov:Organization rdfs:subClassOf org:Organization .

I'm happy go along with this view.

The question is then whether this weaker statement is appropriate to add 
to the ontology and spec at this stage or whether we should leave it to 
a future informative note (perhaps from a future WG).

Any views on this?  Eric, since you originally noted this issue, any 
arguments either way?


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