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[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 17 / 18 December 2012 Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 18 December)

[css-compositing] clipcolor formula bug Jari Komppa (Friday, 14 December)

[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 13 / 14 December 2012 Brian Birtles (Friday, 14 December)

[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 10 / 11 December 2012 Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 11 December)

Updated to the blending and compositing spec (was: minutes, December 10 2012, FXTF telcon) Rik Cabanier (Tuesday, 11 December)

Proposal: Custom Filter Effects Modules David Sheets (Monday, 10 December)

Web animations minutes, 6 / 7 December 2012 Brian Birtles (Friday, 7 December)

Agenda, December 10 2012, FXTF telcon Erik Dahlström (Wednesday, 5 December)

[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 3 / 4 December 2012 Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 4 December)

[css-compositing] Some feedback on section 7.5 Lea Verou (Saturday, 1 December)

Agenda request: Filter Effects, CSS Compositing and Blending, CSS Masking, SVG2 Dirk Schulze (Saturday, 1 December)

Feedback on Web Animations Dean Jackson (Friday, 30 November)

[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 28 / 29 November 2012 Brian Birtles (Thursday, 29 November)

[css-masking] Using masks and clipping to allow or inhibit selections or events. Ian Tindale (Thursday, 15 November)

[filter-effects] New syntax proposal for 'custom' filter function Dirk Schulze (Thursday, 15 November)

[css-compositing] blending in canvas Rik Cabanier (Wednesday, 14 November)

[filter-effects] FillPaint/StrokePaint on HTML elements Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 7 November)

[web-anim] Web animations minutes, 31 October 2012 Brian Birtles (Wednesday, 31 October)

[css3-transforms] Percentage values for 'transform' on pattern, linear/radialGradient, clipPath Dirk Schulze (Friday, 19 October)

Re: GLSL ES & CSS Filters Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 16 October)

[filters] Request: Support for convolution in CSS Shaders Roy Williams (Friday, 12 October)

[web-anim] Web Animations minutes, 15 / 16 October 2012 Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 16 October)

[css-masking] 'clip-path' and percentage values for basic shapes Dirk Schulze (Thursday, 11 October)

feMorphology radius - rectangle only Michael Mullany (Thursday, 11 October)

[filter-effects] FPWD publication request Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 3 October)

Re: Specifying mask type for <mask> elements Brian Birtles (Wednesday, 3 October)

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