Re: [web-anim] Web Animations minutes, 15 / 16 October 2012

Sorry for not being able to attend, but it was 9:30pm my time.  I
don't like you guys *that* much. ^_^

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 10:54 PM, Brian Birtles <> wrote:
>> Shane to investigate if hosting on GitHub is an option

We are *generally* fine with doing stuff on GitHub.  Shane, check with
Chris DiBona for details.

> 3. Feature request:  timeline from gestures
> -------------------------------------------
> It would be good to be able to replace the timing with a value derived from
> gestures. This is basically equivalent to replacing the timing model with a
> substitute timing model that gets its input from the gestures rather than
> the system clock.
> We had a similar question at SVGOpen about, for example, can you drag the
> door and have it open smoothly?
> No concrete proposals yet for how to represent this declaratively but we are
> confident the architecture permits this to be added (by simply substituting
> out the timing model), perhaps in a subsequent version if not immediately.

Are you people reading my mind, or did you actually come up with this
independently, at the same time as me?

I've been floating this *exact* proposal around the office
(concretely, letting you specify that one of the scroll axises of an
element instead scrubs a named timeline, which you can then attach
animations to).  I thought it was crazy when I first came up with it,
but apparently it's actually a really legit idea, because it lets us
combine fast scrolling (happens because the compositor intercepts the
scroll before WebKit gets to it) and fast animation (same thing -
compositor intercepts early).


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