Agenda request: Filter Effects, CSS Compositing and Blending, CSS Masking, SVG2


I have some agenda requests for the next FXTF meeting for the following specs and topics:

Filter Effects [1]
* new syntax proposal for custom() filter function[2]
	- I mailed a new proposal inspired by the ideas and suggestions from Dean and Lea.
* discussion about custom format for shaders if the new syntax proposal gets accepted 
* discussion about syntax of feCustom filter primitive (lower priority)
* definition for SourceGraphic and SourceAlpha on multiple SVG filter references (lower priority)
	- What is SourceGraphic for the second filter reference on the following example: filter: url(#filter1) url(#filter2)
	- How do we define the size of the second filter reference.

Blending and Compositing[3]
* move ‘background-mix-color', ‘box-shadow-mix-color’ and ‘text-shadow-mix-color’ property to CSS Background and Borders?

CSS Masking [4]
* mask-image on url() function and different interpretation of URI(/IRI) dependent on the fragment [5]
	- Current proposal: on fragment interpret references as SVG resource (reference to e.g a <mask> element), otherwise to an CSS Image
	- Should we have same behavior everywhere, independent of the property? (even on 'background-image'?)? This is a
	request of WebKit developers from Apple and Google.
	If URI's are treated as resource on all properties, it could allow using SVG resources like SVG Gradients on 'background-image' or
	'border-image'. The resource doesn't need to be in the same document as it is required by element() function at the moment.
* rename 'none' to 'no-clip' on 'mask-clip' [6] property to avoid problems with the mask shorthand and the 'none' value on 'mask-image'
	- This is a request from fantasai. 'background-clip' may get the same keyword.
* New keyword for 'mask-origin' to move mask out of the border-box on the left and top when 'no-clip' was specified.[7]

* new name for 'paint-order' property
	- The CSS WG accepted the use case of the 'paint-order' property but objects to the name. We should figure out if we can find a solution.

We may not be able to address all requests in one meeting.



Received on Saturday, 1 December 2012 04:20:09 UTC