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401 Unauthorized - can I use it?

502 or 503

502 result code

[more about IMG attributes for size]

A few semantic points for HTTP/1.0 draft

A truly multilingual WWW

Actual treatment of End-of-Line in different browsers

Bugs in Forms (Was Re: HTTP Caching Model?)

CHaracter representation negotiation

character sets in HTTP: translation tables

Closure on canonicalization, I hope

Comments on HTTP draft [of 23 Nov 1994]

Comments on the HTTP/1.0 draft.

Comments please on agenda for HTTP working group BOF

Connection Header

content-length vs. boundary markers

Disagree: Multiple connections

Draft 01 of HTTP/1.0

Formalizing Expires, Last-Modified, "data object"

Further revision of the agenda for IETF BOF on 7th December 1994

Help me for HTML editors

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen: Hypertext Version ready of HTTP Spec

HTTP - why not multiple connections?

HTTP BOF - Draft agenda (was: Re: HTTP/1.0 draft status)

HTTP Caching Model?

HTTP/1.0 draft status

HTTP/1.0 Specification and HTTP-WG Archives

HTTP: multiple-get (was: T-T-T-Talking about MIME Generation)

HTTP: T-T-T-Talking about MIME Generation

i18n and the WWW

Image-Hints: (was Re: Comments please on agenda for HTTP working group BOF)

list of URIs in authorization realm

MIME and binary transport

Minutes of Hypertext Transfer protocol BOF at 31st IETF

More followups

multipart in HTTP/1.0 draft

New draft; Content-Length

New specification document for S-HTTP version 1.1

new version of extensions proposal

One paragraph summary of the HTTP-BOF

open/request/close in one packet?

Proposal for HTTP Extension Mechanism

Proposal for new authentication scheme

Propsal: MHEAD for Fast inline image formatting Was: Multiple connections

Reading Request Object Data

Reference to 2nd WWW Conference paper on HTTP latency

Revised agenda for IETF BOF on 7th December 1994

SimpleMD5 access authentication, second draft

Son of MIME (was comments)

Time for HTTP WG BOF


Two proposals for HTTP/2.0

User authentication for the proxy

Where is the latest draft


WIT, Was: Comments please on agenda for HTTP working group BOF

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