Re: Comments on the HTTP/1.0 draft.

 on sunsite, the volume of ftp requests was on a par with the number of 
http requests, and the average file size was larger- however, that isn't
the point here. EOL translation in message bodies is handled for HTML by
the SGML RE/RS mechanism, so the only real win would be for text/plain 
, so it's not really worth requiring such a major change. ch

FTP efficincy  for web use is more a factor of poor
implementations than anything else- unless the control connection cache is 
enabled, libwww ftp really crawls. With the control connection cache turned
on, ftp and http are much of a muchness. newline translation is usually not
that significant over wide area networks ( especially if the ftpd has a 
decently tweaked newline scanner)


Received on Monday, 5 December 1994 06:03:02 UTC