Re: Comments on HTTP draft [of 23 Nov 1994]

> > 5.  Request: The 0.9 requirement here (Simple Request must have Simple
> >     Response) is somewhat onerous on a server.  Is it possible to relax
> >     or remove this requirement yet, or are there still 0.9-only clients
> >     in use?  I've noticed that at least some Simple Responses will not
> >     go through some proxies transparently.
> I believe proxies require Full-Requests.  Ari?
> I do not believe it is possible to remove that requirement, though perhaps
> we should require that HTTP/1.0 clients never generate a Simple-Request.

I occurs to me that one current use of the Simple Request is in the
hack that allows links to HTML documents to be served up for WWW clients
on gopher servers. These are gopher links that are defined something like:

 Path=GET http-path-here





(This currently seems to work for text/only web pages but not for pages
with in-line images.  There is some support for this hack in the
gopher community.) 

Received on Wednesday, 30 November 1994 07:00:35 UTC