Re: HTTP Caching Model?

Larry writes:

> Haven't you left out the possibility that the proxy<->server protocol
> might be differentt than the client<->server or client<->proxy
> protocol? In particular, servers that support variants need not report
> the variants back if they're being queried by an end-user agent, but
> might if they're being queried by a caching server.

What matters is whether or not the client (user agent or proxy) has
a shared cache.  There is no way for the server to know that, though it
could be added to the protocol.  However, I think information on variants
may be as useful to a user-agent as it is to a cache manager.

> After all, we did this for if-modified-since...

No, we didn't.  If-modified-since is also used by user agents (like Netscape).

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Received on Tuesday, 13 December 1994 22:31:54 UTC