Re: Closure on canonicalization, I hope

>Accept-charset could be included as a possible shorthand for
>multiplexing acceptable charset parameters for ALL types that have a
>'charset' parameter, but I think it is only worthwhile if the client
>accepts multiple charsets and multiple types that take a charset

I would like to see it in there, but II will leave the reasoning
until I send out my paperr.

>I'm not sure it's worth the complexity of the model, or whether we
>want a more general way of multiplexing parameters for the types that
>are named by accept clauses, and I don't think it belongs in the
>standard without at least a little implementation experience.

The last sentence I can agree with. Hence I will not push strongly
for Accept-charset: until it actually appears to be needed. Until
then, the charset parameter will suffice.

I'm *very* glad that content parsing is now a function of
the character encoding system. This will simplify many things.

Received on Saturday, 24 December 1994 00:07:47 UTC