Re: Connection Header

After taking a longer look at the proxy problem it looks like there might be
a work around based on using a different version number; I believe that 
proxy servers generate the header version themselves independent of the 
version given on the string. The end-server can be configured to ignore all 
connection headers unless the version is >1.0.

The adaptive timesouts sound useful - there are very definite usage patterns
that show up if log data is sorted into virtual sessions. Some patterns (like
image fetches) are general, but there also some interesting local patterns (
if someone looks at the Dr Fun home page, they're very likely to get the
cartoon of the day.)

Do you have some more info about the data set you ran the traces on? I 
seem to recall you mentioning that the traces were taken from the California
Election server over a couple of days? Do you have any information on the size of 
the data set, and the relative access frequencies of the various documents?


Received on Tuesday, 20 December 1994 15:41:32 UTC