Reference to 2nd WWW Conference paper on HTTP latency

At the IETF BOF on Wednesday, I mentioned this paper, and was asked
to post the URL on the mailing list.  Sorry, this is in HTML with
GIF inlined images for the graphs; a Postscript version exists but
I don't have it in a public place yet.

Note that in spite of what it says in various places on the conference's
Web pages, Venkat is the primary author, not me.


Improving HTTP Latency

Venkata N. Padmanabhan (University of California -- Berkeley) 

Jeffrey C. Mogul (Digital Equipment Corporation Western Research Laboratory)


The HTTP protocol, as currently used in the World Wide Web, uses a
separate TCP connection for each file requested. This adds significant
and unnecessary overhead, especially in the number of network round
trips required. We analyze the costs of this approach and propose
simple modifications to HTTP that, while interoperating with unmodified
implementations, avoid the unnecessary network costs.  We implemented
our modifications, and our measurements show that they dramatically
reduce latencies.

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