Bugs in Forms (Was Re: HTTP Caching Model?)

> I am collecting a list of defects and then plan to attempt a very 
> agressive stanse with all the publishers whose variations I have tested.
> I've tried reporting problems and get silence or automatic mail.  In any
> case no sense that my issues will be resolved.  Perhaps having products
> such as mine blacklist user agents will improve the responsiveness
> of the authors.  Be happy to compare notes on problems with anyone
> but I think I've said too much here.

I've already built a form testing suite.  Most browsers have been
tested against it.  Have a look at

I'm very interested in hearing about more form bugs to add to the suite.

	Glenn Trewitt
	Network Systems Laboratory
	Digital Equipment Corporation
	Palo Alto, California

Received on Wednesday, 14 December 1994 11:49:36 UTC