Re: HTTP: T-T-T-Talking about MIME Generation


> According to Henrik Frystyk Nielsen:
> > 
> > The multithreaded feature in the Arena is a result of the new
> > achitecture of the WWW Library of Common Code. It allows data-driven
> > parsing or rendering as soon as data comes in on the network, and new
> > requests to be issued at any time. So rendering GIFS before finishing
> > the text is perfectly possible.
> > 
> Sounds very nice! However, as as been pointed out several times, the
> reason Netscape is popular is the *reverse*.  It can layout all the
> text before rendering all the GIFS.  Presumably arena can do this too,
> if it can get the information about GIF sizes.  But the ability to do
> *that* is a function of the protocol and hence relevant to the topic
> of this list.  :)

If no information on the size is given in the link, then it _is_ the
same thing. Before you then can get the size of the image, you need to
download the first part of it giving its size, that is issue new
requests at any time when parsing through the text file. Remember, I am
talking from a programmer interface's viewpoint, not a user interface's
viewpoint. The only `real' user interface to me is the Line Mode
Browser ;-)

-- cheers --


Received on Saturday, 17 December 1994 10:04:20 UTC