Re: HTTP Caching Model?

On Tue, 13 Dec 1994, Mitra wrote:

> At 11:37 AM 12/12/94, Marc H. wrote:
> >+--- On Mon, 12 Dec 1994, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
> >| [...] some information providers are using, of all things, the
> >| User-Agent field to customize their documents: they server up
> >| different stuff for MacMosaic, WinMosaic, Netscape, etc.
> >[...]
> This doesnt surprise me at all, I've either used, or considered using this
> field in the following ways.
> Of course .... if none of the browsers had bugs, and all did a good job of
> presentation, then designers wouldnt need to server up multiple versions of
> files.
In my experience, the glitches and bugs abound with varying degrees
of impact when it comes to handling FORMs.  I considered asking the user
which browser they were using and tailoring that way before I discovered
the User Agent field.  My client intends to offer my workproduct to their
customers as a WWW interface to my clients data base application.  We
intend group browsers based on the subset of FORMs support which works
correctly and loudly tell users when their browser is less then
satisfactory.  Hope to offer a test panel users can select to evaluate
unknown versions. Capture feedback and allow the admins to update their
server valid browser tables.  My problems are not related to netscape
enhancements or lack there of.

I am collecting a list of defects and then plan to attempt a very 
agressive stanse with all the publishers whose variations I have tested.
I've tried reporting problems and get silence or automatic mail.  In any
case no sense that my issues will be resolved.  Perhaps having products
such as mine blacklist user agents will improve the responsiveness
of the authors.  Be happy to compare notes on problems with anyone
but I think I've said too much here.


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